Who We Are

We are a fundraising-organization. We are non-profit. We cooperate with NGOs, NPOs and social projcts. We help them, to raise money and donations. In return they help all of us, to make the world a better place.

We create win-win-situations. We do not directly ask people to donate money. Instead we help people to save money first and then to donate some of their wins.

This way we try to activate saving potentials of private households for the benefit of the society. A lot of expenses do not provide any better outcomes. They are simply a result of wrong contracts without any benefits. There are better ways to spend that money.

How It Works

1. Register

Register on our plattform and create an account. We will keep anything privat and you will stay as anonymous, as possible.

2. Chat

Start a chat with one of our consultants. They will guide you through the process and give you advice.

3. Analyse

Now we will help you to analyse your contracts. What are your expenses? Do they fit to your situation and behavior?

4. Switch

If we find smarter alternatives, we will show you step by step, how to get them. E.g. switch from a contract to prepaid.

5. Save

Our plattform will show you, how much money you can save in the next years, if you switch to smarter solutions.

6. Donate

So you made some wins! What about donating a bit to NGOs? We cooperate with many, so you have the choice.

Now What?

This is just an idea, visualized with a landing-page during a weekend. I'm not into the fundraising-business, so I won't found this startup. But I still like the idea and I would be happy to see some discussions.

So if you like the idea too, feel free to use it, change it or even to share it:


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